Polish minister fumes at Macron ally over wall funding: Take the migrants to France!

Brexit: France needs to 'speak language of strength' says Beaune

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French Secretary of State for European Affairs Clément Beaune has said that France will not support a proposal from 12 EU countries to fund a wall on the Polish-Belarusian border. He also added that the treatment of migrants must be humane.

It has been reported by Politico that the Polish government plans to finish the wall by summer 2022.

As a response to these accusations, Sebastian Kaleta tweeted: “Dear @CBeaune, if you don’t want to fund wall protecting Polish border which is at the same time EU border please send your planes to Minsk to take migrants to France.”

He added: “Thousands of them want to go to France, not Poland. Show your humanity and respect to them.”

Mr Beaune has also declared an interview with Tysol.Fr that “There are (…) areas in Poland, sometimes declared by municipalities, called ‘LGBT free’.

Shops, downtown areas where people have said that because of their sexual orientation are not welcome. “

He said: “It is obviously scandalous, frightening and it is within Europe that it is happening,” and he also claimed that the Polish government had forbidden him to visit these areas.

According to Mr Kaleta, Minister Beaune is spreading lies about LGBT people in Poland.

He says that there are no such zones and that everyone in Poland can enjoy their freedom.

He said: “The Poles simply refuse to implement the political agenda of LGBT movements of granting equal privileges to married couples and try to force the implementation of their model of sex education in schools.

“Failure to assert socially unjustified privileges does not create zones, but simply protects the rights of families to raise their children in accordance with their beliefs.”

He added: “Unfortunately, Mr Beaune must not know much about Poland, and he relies on far-left activists who slander our country.

Such a high-ranking official should verify the facts before speaking publicly on any subject.”

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Mr Beaune, was Mr Macron’s advisor on Europe for two years when he was a minister for the economy in Francois Hollande’s administration.

When Mr Macron jumped ship to form his own party and win a shock victory in the French presidential election, he brought Mr Beaune back to his side.

The two men worked together on Mr Macron’s Sorbonne speech that set out his vision for the future of the EU in the early days of his presidency.

Later they strategised how to build French influence in Brussels and also, during those years of tough talks, Paris was often the “bad cop” among the EU member states; urging the hardest line possible, The Telegraph reports.

He has also been in the UK press for mocking Britain for the fishing feud, taunting that it wouldn’t put turkeys on supermarket shelves.

He said: “Stop telling us you do not need us anymore, stop being obsessed with us, stop believing we will solve your problems. They made a mess of Brexit. It’s their choice and their failure, not ours.”

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.

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