Poor cat dumped in box outside charity shop with tragic note after owner dies

A homeless cat was left outside a charity shop in Ballymoney, County Antrim, after his owner had died and he had nowhere to go.

Bob the cat was found in a box with a note on it explaining his predicament and asking the charity, Friends of Rescue, to care for him.

The cat is said to have sat on the window sill of his owner's house around the clock after the death of his owner waiting to be let in.

The note on his box said: "no one comes to help me get in."

It appears that the person who bundled him into the box and left him in Ballymoney, Co Antrim where an animal rescue volunteer found him, had tried to get help but "no one" would help them to "home" him.

The note on the box read: "My mummy died and I can't get into my bed. All I do is sit on the window and no one comes to help me get in. Will you help me?"

It went to say "this cat is homeless. Will you help him? He is called Bob".

"I tried [sic] all the numbers for cat help and no one will help me to home. Can you help Bob? Thank you. God bless."

Lucky Bob is now in the care of Friends of Rescue, who have taken him to the vet to be seen to.

A spokesperson said: "He was left outside a charity shop in Ballymoney in a very dirty and smelly cat carrier with a note taped to the carrier explaining what happened.

"Basically the wee man's owner died and he was unable to get back inside, possibly no family member to take over his care. Bob was very dirty and smelly himself from being outside, he has a few cuts and lumps so he's getting his MOT done today at the vets."

The post they shared on Facebook highlighting his plight explained how the group has "taken in five dogs and 18 cats/kittens" this week and had no room at the inn – but on Thursday, August 26 "had to rally round last night for a very sad, upsetting situation".

"We don’t agree with how Bob came to us but this person seemed to be at their wit's end and no one would help. It’s a very sad situation. Bob has quite a few cuts and sores all over his thin body. He also needs neutered so we will get a proper thorough examination tomorrow before surgery, but atm he is comfortable, warm and fed at our vets.

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"We really are stretched to the gills but what could we do. He needed us.

"If you can help towards our vets bills which are steadily climbing daily please contact our vets Vets4Pets Crescent Link in person or via phone on 02871 314420 or click our PayPal link.

You can find out more about what Friends of Rescue do here.

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