Popeyes store closes after man finds rats scurrying around kitchen at night

A man's viral video of rats scurrying through one of the fast food chain's stores has led to it being shut down.

The delivery man posted the terrifying scene on TikTok, showing how the vermin had taken over the kitchen at night.

"I deliver all raw chicken to all of Popeyes in the DC area. And this joint right here, has some wild s***," he said while standing outside the restaurant.

He reminds his viewers again that "this is Popeyes" before he turns on the light in the kitchen – revealing the rats running wild on the floor and hiding behind the card boxes that are stacked near the table.

"Look! Look at these god-damn rats! These motherf***ers. Oh my God, look at them!" he whispers while banging the table to scare off the rats.

At least five rodents are seen climbing onto a wire and going into the dark underneath the ventilation pipe.

The man then tells his viewers: "You're still going to get chicken from Popeyes?"

The restaurant is confirmed to be the Eastern Market branch in Washington DC, US, and it was forced to shut down for "health code violations" since the video went viral.

Officials from the DC Health Regulations and Licensing Administration issued a "closure notice" which was placed on the entrance, FOX 5 report.

It stated: "This establishment is ordered closed until further notice for a violation(s) of the district of the Columbia food code regulations, which presents an imminent health hazard(s) to the public."

Viewers were shocked by the footage and some were put off eating fast foods.

One said: "Nope! Never eating there again!

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A second wrote: "This is the reason why I don't eat out! Home cooking is the place to be."

"That's just my boy Ratatouille and his boys," a third joked.

It comes after residents in the picturesque village near Grimsby have complained about a massive rat infestation plaguing the area.

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