Pregnant woman, 23, and unborn baby die in drink driving road rage horror

A pregnant woman and her unborn baby were killed when a driver in a fit of road rage smashed into a parked car, police said.

Krista Nichols, as she was named locally, was rushed to hospital in a critical condition when the driver of the car she was a passenger in careered into a stationary vehicle in California.

Sadly, both she and her eight-month-old unborn baby died from their injuries.

Long Beach Police Department said in a statement that the tragedy unfolded on August 7th at about 11.36am.

The driver, identified as Miguel Larios, 26, was arrested on two counts of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, one count of driving under the influence, and one count of child endangerment.

Officers had responded to reports of an 'injury traffic collision' with three vehicles involved, including a pickup trick containing the pregnant woman and two others.

Investigators said a man was driving a GMC pickup truck at a 'high rate of speed' with a woman and 10-year-old boy as passengers.

The driver became involved in a 'road rage incident' with a second vehicle for some time.

As the driver of the second vehicle tried to get away another man, 45, who was not involved in the aggression, was inside a Toyota Corolla that was parked up.

As he pulled away from the pavement the GMC collided with him and the driver lost control before slamming into a parked, unoccupied pickup truck.

The woman was rushed to hospital in a critical condition while the man and a child, 10, suffered non life threatening injures.

It was soon discovered that the woman passenger was about eight months pregnant and tragically both her and her unborn child died in hospital.

She has not been formally identified by officers, who said she was a 23-year-old resident of Long Beach. Local reports and a fundraising campaign have identified her as Krista Nichols.

The driver of the GMC was identified as Miguel Larios, a 26-year-old local resident. His bail was set at £144,000 ($200,000).

Nichols' family have since launched a GoFundMe fundraising page asking for help in covering funeral costs.

"We're all still in such trauma and shock from yesterday,' Nichols' brother, Tyler, told Fox 11 TV. "It's been the longest 24 hours of our life.

"We were all excited for this baby boy. His name was going to be Christopher."

The family is said to be angry at Larios who is alleged to have let a road rage incident spiral out of control.

He added: "I think if that road rage had been controlled and that anger had been suppressed, my sister would still be here.

"We're just as lost as anyone else."

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