Prettiest ever one in two million blue lobster caught by ecstatic fisherman

A lucky fisherman has caught the "prettiest ever" blue lobster, an exceptionally rare specimen and said to be a "one in two million" phenomenon.

Blake Haass, located on Mount Desert Island, Maine was the lucky fisherman who caught the lobster.

The 27-year-old shared the catch to his TikTok account, holding the crustacean close to the camera and writing: "Blue Lobster!!!! 1 in 2,000,000."

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Speaking to Newsweek, Haass said: "I have never seen a blue lobster this bright of a blue or as pretty. We might see a lobster once in a while with a slight tint of blue on a claw or tail maybe but that's it.

"This is the first one I have ever seen this blue all over! And such a beautiful blue.

"I hope I find another blue lobster again but they are so rare you only hear of one being caught once in a great while across the state of Maine."

Blake said he wants to release the approximately 10-year-old lobster back into the ocean.

"It's such a rare find. I definitely wanted to release her back into the ocean, and you can see on one of the videos another fisherman had caught her before and notched her tail twice, so she cannot be kept.

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"I know a lot of my friends and older fisherman that have been fishing longer than me and they have never caught a blue lobster so I feel lucky to have caught this one for sure!"

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) say: "According to the [Akron] zoo, blue lobsters occur one in every 2 million. And the chances of one being caught, shipped, saved, and not savoured? We'll go with virtually impossible."

Blue lobsters get this colour because of a genetic abnormality which causes an over-production of the protein crustacyanin.

Lobsters are generally brown or grey in colour, providing camouflage against the rocky sea bed.

Just like all lobsters, the blue lobster will turn bright red when cooked.


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