Prince Andrew asked to prove he cant sweat by sex assault accusers lawyers

The Duke of York has been asked to provide evidence that he suffered from a medical condition that left him unable to sweat, as he claimed in a television interview in 2019.

Prince Andrew made the claim to cast doubt on allegations that he slept with a teenager who says she was trafficked by the late-Jeffrey Epstein.

However, the legal team of his accuser, Virginia Giuffre, has officially requested a wealth of information from Andrew’s lawyers.

Ms Giuffre – who was once pictured with both Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell in a now infamous photograph – is taking the prince to court over the alleged sexually assault.

The prince has always strenuously denied all and any allegations of wrongdoing.

Ms Guiffre's lawyers are also demanding travel documents detailing the Prince's movements on all of Mr Epstein's planes, and details of visits to his various homes – as well as his claim in the BBC interview that he was in Pizza Express in Woking on the night of the alleged sexual assault..

But his legal team has rejected the requests, citing various reasons, including that the information is protected from disclosure by rights of privacy under the US constitution and Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

They are also claiming that the documents are already “publicly available” or the requests are “unduly burdensome, oppressive… duplicative and over broad”.

Ms Giuffre’s legal team said, in court documents: “If Prince Andrew truly has no documents concerning his communications with Maxwell or Epstein, his travel to Florida, New York, or various locations in London, his alleged medical inability to sweat, or anything that would support the alibis he gave during his BBC interview, then continuing with discovery will not be burdensome to him at all.”

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