Prince Charles secret son shares uncanny pic comparing him to Camilla

A man who believes he is Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles’ secret son has shared another photo comparing himself to the Duchess of Cornwall – with some calling it "uncanny".

Simon Dorante-Day, 55, was born in Portsmouth in April 1966, and was later adopted by a local family who had ties to the Queen.

He claims his adopted grandmother, who had worked in the Palace, told him that his mum and dad were the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.

Now based in Queensland, Australia, the engineer has spent years trying to prove his bizarre theory – and is desperate for the royals to get a DNA test.

Simon recently shared photos comparing himself and Camilla, along with … on his Facebook page.

He posted: “Well I know what I see here.

“I also know what I experienced, I know what I've done, I know what I have proof of, and no-one is convincing me otherwise.”

One user responded: “It's absolutely uncanny!!!”

Another wrote: “They belong in your family album.”

Earlier this month, Simon shared a picture of Princess Charlotte alongside his youngest daughter Meriam,7Newsreported.

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One Facebook user described them as “almost identical twins”.

Another said the “eye colour is an unreal match”.

A third posted: “The combination you showed is stunning. It seems two halves of the same face.”

At one point, Simon wildly claimed his appearance was surgically altered to reduce his resemblance to his secret parents.

Alongside a childhood photo of himself dressed as Sixties advertising mascot The Milky Bar Kid, he wrote: “This was at the Methodist church and for years I wondered why we switched from Methodist church to Anglican Church – well the timing was the same as the school change, and the eye colour change!”

He goes on to say that the change in his appearance over the years also highlights that the immense power and influence that “whoever was in control” had.

According to Simon, the Duchess of Cornwall, then Camilla Shand, mysteriously disappeared for at least nine months in 1966, and Charles was sent on a tour of Australia at around the same time.

The royals have never responded to the allegations.

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