Prince Charles splashed £210k on private flights for two-day royal trip to Oman

Flights for a two-day royal trip to Oman taken by Prince Charles cost the taxpayer £210,345, it has been revealed.

The royal finances for 2019-20 have been revealed – and officials have warned the royal accounts are set to take a £35m hit as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Prince Charles flew out to Oman in January to pay his condolences following the death of Sultan Qaboos bin Said on behalf of the UK government and the Foreign Office.

A palace source said the charter flight to Muscat and back to RAF Marham to attend a summit on Harry and Meghan’s future was at short notice and that no commercial flights were available.

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The royal accounts also show that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's trip to Africa last year cost taxpayers £245,000, making it the most expensive royal tour last year.

The couple's trip to Africa included a visit to Botswana and South Africa in the 10-day tour, according to accounts published on Thursday.

This comes as the Queen reportedly faces a shortfall of £35million in funding due to the coronavirus pandemic, reports Mirror Online.

Sir Michael Stevens, the Keeper of the Privy Purse, said: “We have no intention of asking for extra funding and will look to manage the impact through our own efforts and efficiencies.”

But the figures have caused outrage among some, including membership-based pressure group Republic, which campaigns for the abolition of the monarchy and its replacement with a directly elected head of state

Graham Smith, of Republic said: "At a time when public sector jobs are being lost and services cut, these figures represent a disgraceful abuse of public money by the royals. There is no justification for spending a quarter of a million pounds on a trip to Africa or more than £200,000 to fly to Oman.

"And they're all at it. Thousands of pounds spent on junkets for Anne and Andrew, so they can attend sporting events. This is not public service, it's daylight robbery."

He added: "A 15% increase in travel costs when hospitals can't deliver the very best care to every person in need, when teachers are struggling to pay for the necessary books and equipment and the police are stretched to breaking point, is scandalous."

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