Prince Harry and William meet behind closed doors for Diana memorial today

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For the first time since Prince Philip's funeral in April, William and Harry are set to meet behind closed doors.

As the two meet for the unveiling of their mother's statue this week, there are many awkward topics to be hashed out.

The occasion is likely to be emotional as the ceremony for Princess Diana's statue is intended to commemorate her 60th birthday.

Since March, the relationship between the brothers has been tested by Harry and Meghan's momentous interview with Oprah which revealed many shocking details about their relationship to the Royals.

The interview viewed by an estimated 17m viewers aired an extensive list of criticisms including questions around the Royal Family's treatment of Harry's mental health struggle.

Despite claims that the two met for a two-hour discussion following their grandfather's funeral in April, doubt has since surrounded whether this actually happened and much remains to be discussed.

Racism in the Royal Family

Perhaps the most significant detail disclosed from the famed Oprah interview were Meghan's reports of conversations with an undisclosed Royal Family member about the colour of her then-unborn son, Archie.

Meghan went on to say that the anonymous Royal had asked what "that would mean or what that would look like."

The Royal Family were said to be particularly hurt by this accusation of racist behaviour, with the Queen describing the actions as "concerning" and William claiming the "Royal Family is not a racist family."

Kate and Meghan

Kensington Palace officials say that it will likely only be the Princes that will attend the unveiling of the statue alongside close family of Diana, so it is possible Kate will be absent like Meghan who is looking after new daughter Lillibet in the US.

Despite this, the two may remain a topic of conversation after Meghan disclosed "everything changed" following a conflict with Kate over the bridesmaid dresses for her wedding, in the Oprah interview last March.

Reports have also claimed that Meghan left Kate in tears over her demands for Princess Charlotte's bridesmaids dress.

Meghan's bullying claims

An email sent in 2018 by ex-communications aide for the Royal Family set alight debate about Meghan's behaviour with staff.

The aide who worked for both the Cambridges and the Sussexes provided a "dossier of distress" outlining her alleged behaviour.

However, Meghan fiercely denies the allegations of bullying and a spokesperson for the Sussexes said Meghan was the victim of a calculated smear campaign.

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