Prince Harry never had pressure like William as both struggled in spotlight

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Prince Harry lived a more carefree life compared to that of his brother Prince William who had the pressure of knowing he would be king, says a royal expert.

In recent years, the two brothers have had a strained relationship since Harry announced his departure from royal life and dropped several bombshell allegations about his relatives.

Throughout his life, Harry has found himself at the centre of controversy – famously putting the crown jewels on display for all to see during a game of strip billiards in Las Vegas.

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He also attended a costume party wearing a swastika armband – something he later apologised for, saying it was "a poor choice of costume."

Meanwhile, William has lived a quieter life away from the glaring eyes of the public.

Speaking about the two Dukes, deputy editor of Royal Central, Brittani Barger told Daily Star: "Both William and Harry grew up in the spotlight and had to face their teenage years without their mother after such a tragic accident.

"Both have struggled I think with the spotlight and their role, but William knew from early on what his path was.

"He knew that he will one day be monarch and had a mindset based on that."

She added: "He was more careful because he had to be as the future king, Harry, on the other hand, was able to be freer.

"He made mistakes (that many of us have made) but they were splashed across the front page.

"He never had the pressure of knowing he was going to sit on the throne one day, so he was more carefree in how he acted and more open and honest about his opinions with the press."

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Despite their frosty relationship, it appears William's wife, Kate Middleton was hoping to get the two brothers on speaking terms again.

Following William's 40th birthday on June 21, it's believed the Duchess of Cambridge was keen to extend an olive branch and invite Harry to the celebrations.

Royal commentator Neil Sean told his YouTube followers: "According to a very good source, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, is very keen for Harry to be invited … [although] no mention of Meghan, I noted in the quote I was told.

"Apparently she thinks this would be an actual great way of bonding together. Birthdays are a time, as she's pointed out, of celebration, families, and having loved ones around you."


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