Prince Harry warned not to skip King Charles coronation if he wants a career

Prince Harry must attend his dad's coronation if he wants a solid career, a PR expert has warned.

PR expert Edward Coram-James said that both Harry and Meghan risk losing their waning relevancy if they don’t attend the coronation of King Charles in May, as they may lose the one thing that makes them unique.

The expert’s wise words come just a few weeks before King Charles is crowned at Westminster Abbey on May 6, an event that the Sussexes have still not confirmed whether they are attending.

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This is despite the fact that the deadline for responding to Buckingham Palace’s invitations was a week-and-a-half ago and that behind-the-scenes planners are working round the clock to finalise details for the historic event.

Edwardtold the Express: "If the Sussexes do a no-show, it will put distance between Harry and the concept of Royalty in the public perception.

"And, as the public have thus far tuned into his Podcast, docuseries and book largely due to his royalty, if the public stop thinking of him as Royal, then he loses the one thing that makes him of interest to the major streaming platforms, and thus his newfound career.

"It would be a very unwise move."

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Data from research firm YouGov revealed that both Harry and Meghan have suffered significant drops in popularity over the past few months.

While Meghan has dropped 6% in popularity between Q4 2022 and Q1 2023, Prince Harry has suffered a whopping 11% drop in popularity in the same time period.

The not-so-royal couple are among the least popular members of the Firm, only beating out the disgraced duke Prince Andrew.


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