Prince Harrys guard threatened to break mans arm after he got too close

Former Royle Family star Ralf Little has claimed a close encounter with real-life royalty at a private screening of a football match almost left him with a broken arm when he nearly got too close to Prince Harry as he celebrated a goal.

Most recently known for his starring role as DI Neville Parker in Death In Paradise, the Mancunian rose to fame when he featured as Antony Royle in the hugely popular Royle Family sitcom series.

The actor is also a keen Manchester United fan, and he described how he got carried away watching United play Barcelona in the 2011 champions league final in a private bar, almost hugging Prince Harry before being dragged away by his mates.

The admission came when Ralf was speaking to friend Will Mellor on their Two Pints with Will and Ralf podcast.

Ralf said: "Rooney scores, and I’m up on the sofa and I’m like, 'yes yes!' And I’ve gone and I’ve hugged this way, and I’ve hugged that way, and I see Prince Harry, and I go [to hug him] and my mate goes and drags me back off the sofa, and I’m like 'what are you f****** doing?'"

It turned out that his friend had rescued Ralf from a close encounter with palace security.

Ralf related: "As soon as I jumped on the sofa, three guys appeared from nowhere and just closed in."

Ralf explained that chatting to the guards afterwards, he learnt what the consequences would have been had his friend not prevented him from grabbing the Prince.

He recalled: "I was like, 'guys you didn’t think I was going to jump on Harry did you?' And they were like, 'well, we were checking'.

"I said, 'If I’d have gone in and hugged him, would you have done anything?'"

Ralf claimed the response was unsurprisingly blunt: "They were like, 'I would have broken your arm.'"

Despite the warning, Ralf explained that he enjoyed meeting Prince Harry’s friends afterwards.

He recalled: "It was very sweet. They were really posh, they were like, 'oh we love The Royle Family'.

Ralf said he even asked them whether the Duke of Sussex enjoyed watching the programme, to which they replied: "Oh yeah, yeah he loves it."

Ralf said: "I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it was a lovely thing to say."

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