Prince Harrys powder keg UN speech dubbed strange, awkward, and misplaced

Prince Harry's "powder keg" UN speech which was mocked by a Supreme Court Judge has been labelled "strange, awkward and misplaced" by a royal expert.

The speech from the Duke of Sussex marks another public appearance for the newly rebranded Sussex family, with a crucial period for Harry and Meghan Markle on the horizon.

But the speech in New York may have caused some damage, with royal expert Eric Schiffer claiming it made Harry "an attack vector in areas that he was weak on."

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The UN speech may provide a learning curve for the Sussexes, but it is an opportunity Schiffer believes Harry "should have passed on".

Speaking to Daily Star, expert Schiffer said of the speech: "It was strange and awkward and misplaced. It was one of those choices that I think he should have passed on because it seemed unconscious.

"Unconsciously uncomfortable for reasons that are logical in that there are better. Places to for that he can be positioned that are going to be more organic.

"It allowed him to be an attack vector in areas that he was weak on."

Schiffer added that this uncomfortable moment for the Duke of Sussex looked like a "desperation for ongoing positioning."

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Speaking of the dangers to the impact of the Sussex brand, Schiffer said that "positioning themselves in situations like that where it's a stretch becomes a powder keg and it will get detonated by critics and create a sort of a grisly short term impact to his brand.

"But the longer term, it's you know, if he can correct that by continuing to find the right positioning."

Prince Harry's speech has since been mocked by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, who said he was "wounded" by the comments the royal made during his address to the UN.

Justice Alito also referenced Boris Johnson and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a raging speech against world leaders commenting on the controversial Roe v Wade ruling.

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