Psychic who predicted Sussexes Oprah interview warns of royal turmoil in 2023

A British psychic who "predicted" the interview between the Sussexes and Oprah Winfrey has said turmoil lies ahead for members of the Royal Family.

Nicolas Aujula, 37, has also claimed to have predicted the Notre Dame fire and now has a hefty list of worrying predictions for 2023.

A malaria outbreak, a British cycling victory and health issues for one crucial member of the Royal Family are all on the cards for next year according to the 37-year-old therapist, The Mirror reported.

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Not only are there health woes for a key member of the Firm, but "income and popularity" woes lie ahead, according to the self-proclaimed soothsayer.

Aujula, who claims to have had regular dreams that predict the future since falling into a "trance state" when he was 17, claimed it would be a difficult 2023 for the Royal Family.

The 37-year-old said: "I think the Royal Family's income and popularity will go down. So they may sell their properties, or they may turn something into a hotel, or they will have to diversify.

"I also think that King Charles will be having health issues. Maybe it has to do with his heart or with circulation."

Those turns of poor fortune for the Royal Family line up with a series of other predictions made by the modern-day Baba Vanga.

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It appears it is good news for cycling as Aujula is predicting "someone with a British flag on a bike that's broken some kind of record".

His gift has also provided some insight into the supposed upcoming natural disasters and worrying power outages the world will face in 2023, including a malaria outbreak and mass flooding.

Said disasters, including predictions of an increase in mass flooding, malaria and global power outages are due to a need for change in power, Aujula claimed.

He added there were visions of a royal palace or presidential building on fire.

Such a gift comes from the many lives Aujula has claimed to live, including the days of being a lion and experiencing the French Revolution.

Soothsayer Aujula said: "I remembered my past life – I was an Egyptian queen, a lion and a teacher and I was in the French Revolution.

"And I think that was a real turning point because that's when I left school and trained as a hypnotherapist in regression therapy."

Of his predicting skills, Aujula added: "I can be sceptical. The vision comes from the intuitive part of the brain, and then the logical side of the brain questions and analyses."

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