‘Pure evil’ step-mum slammed for asking how to ‘get rid of’ stepdaughter, 4

A step-mum has sparked disbelief for wanting her fiancé's to dump his daughter with another family.

The unnamed woman had her extreme request for advice from a life coach, shared on the Facebook group, CTL+ALT+DELETE That Relationship.

She explains in her social media post that she is seven months pregnant with her widowed fiancé's baby but she fears his four-year-old daughter from a previous relationship will damage the bond he will have with their newborn.

The expectant mum approached the life coach to ask how best she can ask her partner to get rid of his child who gets on her "damn nerves", MirrorOnline reports.

Her post read: "I am not the stepmother type and I know I won’t treat his daughter the same way I will treat our child.

"To be quite honest, she gets on my damn nerves."

Despite her shocking request, the woman went on to insist she is not a bad person.

She continued: "I am worried that is going to take away from my child’s bond with her father.

"Basically I want to tell my fiancé to get rid of her, she can go live with her grandparents."

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She added: "I am not a bad person, I’m just looking out for my child and making sure she receives all of her daddy’s attention without having her 'older sister' intervene."

Outraged members of the Facebook group who read the shocking post branded the step-mum "pure evil" and hoped the couple would soon break-up.

One person commented: "I hope your fiancé realises he is set to marry the wrong woman because the right woman would love and raise that beautiful little girl as her own."

Another wrote: "That poor baby lost her mother and you want to take her father away? I hope you’re dumped ASAP."

A third replied: "This made me literally sick to read. That poor little girl deserves so much more than that hag."

Not everyone was so stunned however as a different user admitted they had a very similar experience.

They said: "It happens. My mum’s boyfriend wanted her to move in with him and leave my little brothers in my charge just because he wanted the attention all for himself."

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