Putin crony calls for thermonuclear explosion to set world back to 1993

A mouthpiece for Russian president Vladimir Putin has called for a devastating thermonuclear explosion with the chance of setting the world back several decades.

Margarita Simonyan demanded the explosion be carried out over Siberia to scare the West into renouncing their support for Ukraine. The pro-war nut wanted to head back to the "wonderful" year of 1993 with the explosion.

A wild tirade from the mouthpiece soon followed, with Ms Simonyan calling for the thermonuclear detonation, which would "disable all radio electronics". She later claimed it would be the "most humane" form of nuclear blackmail.

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A wild tirade from the Putin mouthpiece offered up plenty in the way of devastating expectations, though a spokesperson for the Kremlin shut down talk of a thermonuclear bomb blast.

But it did not stop Simonyan from saying an explosive bout of attacks would "disable all radio electronics, all digital – all the satellites". She added: "We're going to go back to the year of 1993 or so, corded phones. I'll tell you. It was a wonderful life."

A Russian spokesperson has since made clear they would not be taking advice from Simonyan. They said "at present" there would be no signs of "abandoning nuclear testing", but it may prove challenging to conduct a thermonuclear bomb drop.

"I don't think such discussions are possible now from an official point of view," they said. Simonyan did not back down, instead claiming a "nuclear ultimatum" was "imminent".

The RT editor-in-chief claimed: "A nuclear ultimatum is becoming more and more imminent – and more and more impossible to avoid." Should the bombing runs happen, Putin would send the world back three decades and have his way with Ukraine.

Simonyan added: "There will be nothing on earth, nothing so terrible, neither nuclear winter, which everyone is afraid of, nor monstrous radiation, which will kill everyone around, and those who are not killed will die within 10 years from cancer.

"That's not going to happen. What is? Well, it's going to disable all radio electronics, all digital. All the satellites. This is the camera they're filming me on right now. This is the phone that's lying next to me. We're going to go back to the year of 1993 or so…"

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