Putin is weak and pathologically suspicious Josef Stalin as 10th oligarch dead

Russian President Vladimir Putin has become “weak and pathologically suspicious”, a defence expert has said.

Putin was slammed in the wake of a 10th anti-Putin oligarch being found dead.

Pavel Pchelnikov, a 52-year-old PR manager for Russian Railways, was found shot dead at home in Kolomenskaya, Russia on Wednesday.

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Official Russian sources claim that he died by “suicide”, but he is the latest in a long-line of anti-Putin rich men to have been found in the same state.

Previously, oil magnate Ravil Maganov mysteriously fell to his death from the sixth floor of a Moscow hospital, and Yuri Voronov, the head of transport for a Gazprom-backed company, was found dead in his swimming pool.

All these men have been critical of Putin's war in Ukraine.

And now world-leading defence expert Anthony Glees has claimed that there is only one answer for how the men died.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, the University of Buckingham professor said: “These people were all powerful and extremely rich.

“These highly enviable plum jobs were gifted to them by Putin, just as the UK oligarchs who met similar highly suspicious deaths in this country, were all beneficiaries of Putin’s largesse but were – for reasons we can’t fully know – marked down by Putin and his goons as potential enemies and so had to be eliminated.

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“It seems safe, therefore, to conclude that these ten have also been eliminated because Putin sees them as his enemies, either because they are members of a secret oppositional elite who don’t like the way things are developing in Russia, or because Putin has become a Josef Stalin, seeing lethal conspiracies where none may exist.

“To retain power, Stalin had his show trials and judicial killings as well as the gulags – to retain power Putin is playing the same murderous and abusive game.

“Whether a show trial and a bullet in the back of the head (Stalin) or a ‘suicide’ carried out by the GRU and FSB, the end result is the same: to use terror to sustain an evil regime led by a pathological killer which heaps failed upon failure on the poor Russian people.”

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Putin seemingly killing perceived enemies at will – at least in secret, anyway – could have a big impact on the UK.

It could, Glees speculated, lead Russian attacks on UK soil, similar to the ones seen previously such as the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury in 2018.

“We need to be fully ready and very well armed to deter Putin from any thoughts he might have of harming us,” Glees added.

“We need to give Ukraine everything we have to ensure Putin is pushed out of Ukraine, hopefully before the Russian winter sets in.

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“He’s no match for NATO weaponry and hitting him hard is doubly good: it demonstrates the superiority of our kit and will make Russia think twice about attacking other states who this time may be NATO members.

“Putin is now clearly weak and pathologically suspicious – let’s encourage the Kremlin and the generals as well as the people in Russia’s big cities to dump him.”

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