Putin warned frustration is growing as officials furious with leader

Russia: Officials from 18 Russian districts call for Putin to resign

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Vladimir Putin is facing major dissidence inside Russia, as officials from St Petersburg and Moscow districts are calling on the Russian President to resign. The local lawmakers cite Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as “detrimental to the security of Russia and its citizens” as the main reason for demanding the Russian President’s resignation. 

CNN’s TV anchor Ana Cabrera introduced her segment by saying: “In Russia, a sign that frustration with Vladimir Putin and his unprovoked invasion is growing.

Ms Cabrera said: “Deputies from 18 municipal districts in Moscow and St. Petersburg have now signed a petition demanding Putin’s resignation, calling his action quote ‘detrimental’ to Russia’s and its citizens’ future.”

When asked whether it was a very serious and very rare rebuke from these officials, CNN’s senior international correspondent Frederik Pleitgen said: “I would certainly say that it’s very rare and it certainly is something that definitely is noteworthy as well.

“Especially if look at the state of the opposition in Russia right now where many opposition officials are in jail, have been sidelined or have been exiled.”

CNN’s Frederik Pleitgen said: “Also, of course, the state of the Russian free media is one that is also dire. 

“So, just in that light, this is certainly something that is definitely noteworthy.”

With that statement, local lawmakers in both St Petersburg and Moscow have called on Russia’s Parliament, the Duma, to remove Putin from power and charge him with high treason.

Deputy Dmitry Palyuga tweeted the document, saying: “We believe that the decision made by President Putin to start the special military operation is detrimental to the security of Russia and its citizens.” 

“The Council of the Smolninskoye Municipal District decided to appeal to the State Duma deputies with a proposal to bring charges of treason against President Putin in order to remove him from office,” Mr Palyuga stated in the tweet.

“The decision was supported by the majority of the deputies present.”

Lawmakers from Moscow’s Lomonosovsky district issued a similar statement, also urging Putin to resign.

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The statement, reported by the Latvia-based investigative outlet The Insider, the group said: “The rhetoric you and your subordinates have used for a long time is imbued with intolerance and aggression, which in the end has effectively sent our country back into the Cold War era.

“Russia is once again feared and hated, and we are once again threatening the world with nuclear weapons.

“In view of the above, we ask that you resign from your post, since your views and your model of Hovernment are hopelessly outdated and hinder the development of Russia and its human potential.”

The demand for Putin to step down comes as Russian forces continue to retreat from occupied territories because of Ukraine’s counter-offensive.

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