Putins daughter travels to Germany for vampire facelift beauty treatments

Vladimir Putin's daughter has travelled to Germany for a series of vampire facelift beauty treatments.

Katerina Tikhonova, 35, has reportedly flown to the European country regularly for the controversial beauty treatments that takes a patient's own blood and then injects it back into their skin to treat wrinkles, Bild reports.

The process isn't cheap, typically costing around €4,000 (£3,400) and is not the only pampering the former acrobatic dancer has had done.

Scientist Katerina – who studied Japanese history at university – has apparently also invested in Botox and had hyaluron injected into her face to deal with a frown line and laughter lines around her mouth.

Her father is also said to be a fan, with one Russian comment on the article reading: “Just like her daddy…”

Another asked: “Putin’s daughter wasted thousands of euros on a weird beauty procedure – does she, just like her daddy, want to be younger and live forever?”

Anti-war Telegram channel Utro Fevralya (February Morning) mocked: “While her dad is so protective of his biological material that he even carries a personal dry toilet with him everywhere he goes, his frivolous daughter Katerina Tikhonova… squandered valuable genetic biomaterial right and left…

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“Tikhonova allegedly underwent a Vampire-Lifting procedure. Blood is taken from patients, processed and injected again to fight wrinkles.

“Putin's daughter had to pay about €4,000 for each visit. But the price is not as important as the fact that now it turns out that NATO has Putin's biomaterial and DNA… it's scary to think what they can do with it.

“Perhaps they have already processed it in bio-laboratories… And even now war pigeons, gulls and titmice are on their way to [his official residence near Moscow] Novo-Ogaryovo [to attack him].”

After she separated from her oligarch husband Kirill Schamalow, 40, Tikhonova travelled regularly between 2017 and 2019 to Munich, spending up to seven months a time in the Bavarian capital.

She is now reportedly in a relationship with the former director of the Bavarian state ballet, Igor Zelensky.

Tikhonova – who dropped the Putin surname and instead took the patronymic name of her maternal grandmother – was placed on the international sanctions list in April because of her father's invasion of Ukraine.

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