Putins days numbered as former MI6 boss spots Parkinsons symptoms

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Former MI6 head Sir Richard Dearlove has stated that there is a noticeable issue with Vladimir Putin’s health, likely due to a diagnosis of Parkinson’s. The Russian leader’s downfall, possibly due to a decline in his health, has been reported for months due to his bloated face and shaky legs.

This follows leaked spy documents obtained by The Sun Online which indicate he has pancreatic cancer and early-stage Parkinson’s disease.

Ukraine has previously suggested the use of body doubles for Putin and the country’s spy chief has claimed he will pass away soon from cancer.

Putin has also been seen with what seem to be IV treatment marks on his hand, fueling rumours of a cancer diagnosis and chronic pain

Sir Richard said: “My view is there is still something wrong with him, medically,

“I’m not a clinician, but I know a number of people have watched him closely, and they think the most likely explanation is Parkinson’s.

“There’s no proof – but he shows quite a lot of the symptoms. If he does have Parkinson’s, that can certainly impair your judgement.

“The two favourite medical diagnoses through observing him is either Parkinson’s or blood cancer, or maybe both.

“But the Russians will be desperate to make sure Putin’s health is a state secret.”

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