Putins defeat to open doors to very nasty response in desperate bid to save face

Putin's retaliation to defeat could be 'nasty' says military expert

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As Ukrainians are reportedly retaking previously Russian-occupied cities and Vladimir Putin’s full-scale invasion seems to be stalling in northern Ukraine, worries are growing about how the Russian President could react to a defeat. Russia is known for invading territories and successfully conducting military operations. Defeat is off the table for Putin, says former military intelligence officer Philip Ingram.

He told talkRadio: “The difficulty is if Putin gets defeated on the ground even more, then the whole dilemma is he can’t lose.

“He then has to do something else very nasty”

Putin’s defeat seems a bit closer by the day with NATO and foreign countries delivering weapons and military equipment to Ukraine.

Mr Ingram said: “It’s the military equipment that’s starting to come in. We’re starting to see NATO giving heavy equipment.

“The UK is giving some armour vehicles. The Australians are interestingly sending armour vehicles and the Czechs have sent tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.

Mr Ingram continued: “And those (weapons and military aid) are coming in, so the pressure is ramping up. And the difficulty is if Putin gets defeated on the ground even more, then the whole dilemma is he can’t lose.

“He then has to do something else very nasty.

“Putin can’t lose. He will see that as a victory and then come and do it again at some point in the future.”

“Zelensky can’t let Russia retain one square meter of Ukrainian soil.”

Ukraine: Former Russian Army chief warning over territory

NATO foreign ministers agreed this week in Brussels to provide extra military aid to Ukraine, and the US agreed to send sophisticated weapons to Ukraine in its latest assistance package.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov already warned that the US decision to keep supplying Ukraine with weapons and military aid would not help the peace talks to come to fruition.

Turkish foreign minister today offered to host future peace talks in Turkey in the hopes to get both parties to sign a permanent ceasefire.

The announcement comes as more than 4 million Ukrainians have fled their country since Russia’s invasion, according to the UNCHR.

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Russia has a track record of invasions in Georgia, the Chechen Republic, and Afghanistan. And Russia has always come out victorious.

But Ukraine’s options are also limited, says Mr Ingram, as some weapons require months and some years of training.

However, with Russia’s air supremacy, one important weaponry that could tilt the balance in Ukraine’s favour is an air defence system.  

“And the UK has given them one of the most sophisticated air defence systems with the starstreak missiles.”

The no-fly zone President Zelensky demanded at the beginning of the conflict has failed to materialise, as NATO countries fear their intervention could make them direct participants in the war and trigger a third world war.

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