Putins facing coup as politicians demand he withdraws troops from Ukraine

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Vladimir Putin, 69, has come under scrutiny after two politicians in Russia called on the president to halt their offensive in Ukraine in a rare show of public dissent.

Russia's three-month military campaign in Ukraine shows no signs of abating, despite thousands of people being killed and wounded and millions more displaced because of the invasion.

Public loyalty of the country's political parties and government officials is commonplace but, during a meeting of the legislative assembly of the Primorsky Krai region yesterday (May 29), a lawmaker and a member of the Communist faction broke ranks.

"If our country does not halt the military operation then there will be even more orphans in our country," Leonid Vasyukevich, 69, read from the statement, according to a video of the meeting.

"During a military operation, people became disabled. These are young people who could be of great use to our country," he added. "We demand an immediate withdrawal of the Russian troops."

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He said: “We are backing measures to support families of servicemen killed during the special military operation. We understand that unless our country stops the military operation, there will be even more orphans. Young men die and are maimed, even though they could have benefited our country.”

The brave local MP added that three months have passed since the start of the war “and it is clearly impossible to reach success by a military way”.

He said if Putin continues it “will inevitably lead to an increase in numbers of killed and wounded servicemen,” concluding by demanding the “immediate withdrawal of Russian troops”.

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Putin’s troops have gained ground in the two areas collectively known as the Donbas while blasting towns to wastelands.

According to reports, Luhansk’s governor, Serhiy Gaidai, said Russian troops had entered Sievierodonetsk, the largest Donbas city still held by Ukraine.

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