Putins men found to be drunk on the job with low morale

Putin warns about response to UK supplying ammo to Ukraine

Vladimir Putin’s army has suffered a massive loss due to the low morale and poor discipline of the men on the job. The 10th Tank Regiment is part of the 3rd Army Corps, the first significant new Russian formation formed to support the invasion of Ukraine.

But according to the Ministry of Defence, the formation has lost a “large proportion of its tanks”

The formation has reportedly been dogged by ill-discipline and poor morale.

According to Ukrainian sources, the soldiers from the newly-formed 3rd Army Corps are often drunk, use obsolete weapons, and received poor training in Belarus, reported The Telegraph.

The Ministry of Defence stated: “10th tank regiment’s losses have largely been due to tactically flawed front assaults similar o those in other recent failed Russian armoured attacks, such as around the own of Vuhledar.”

It has been claimed that the regiment has seen discipline quickly fading after a number of military failures.

Soldiers in the 3rd army corps are described as poorly disciplined and regularly get drunk.

In addition, troops are said to have received substandard training in Belarus and are using obsolete weapons according to Ukrainian sources.

As a result, Russian forces are now increasingly using armour in attempted suicide missions.

According to Oryx, a respected open-source intelligence outfit that tracks battlefield losses, Moscow has lost 1,900 tanks, including 1,147 destroyed and more than 500 captured by Kyiv, since the beginning of the war.

Its analyst said that almost 10,000 pieces of military hardware have been lost by Russian forces, including armoured vehicles and artillery howitzers, in the 13 months since the invasion.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba, has demanded Russia called an immediate end to the invasion.

He said: “I want to be clear – Russia has to withdraw from every square metre of Ukrainian territory.

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“There should be no misinterpretation of what the word withdrawal implies.

“The cessation of Russia’s aggression and the restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity are essential conditions for peace.

“In this fight, we are defending the entire democratic world.”

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