Putins psychological instability and high stress revealed by voice analysis

Russian President Vladimir Putin is said to be suffering from "instability" and "high stress" after experts analysed recordings of his speech.

The analysis, which took over an hour of voice samples of the Russian President speaking between February 1 and March 18, has concluded that his stress levels were elevated before and during the invasion of Ukraine.

Russian troops have been in Ukraine since February 24, and since then experts have said Putin's speech style suggests an "instability" for the Russian president.

Researchers at Risk Measurement Technologies listened to an hour and 19 minutes of voice samples from Putin and their analysis concluded a sharp elevation in his stress levels.

The sharp climb in stress came after Moscow responded to international sanctions against Russia.

Researchers used a speech Putin had given to the U.N. General Assembly in September 2020 as a baseline for their analysis, where a significant shift was found during a February 21 meeting of the Russian Federation Security Council.

During the meeting, Putin's voice indicated swings between high and low levels of stress in a short time.

Risk Measurement chief Kanji Okazaki said: "We can conjecture that he was in a state of psychological instability."

Their research also looked at Putin's gestures, with president of Hokusei Gakuen University in Sapporo, Ikuo Daibo, noting that Putin supported himself with his hands on his desk.

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The body language expert said: "He felt determined to carry out something he'd decided on.

Reports from the experts' research indicate that Putin seemed tense in a meeting with Russian officials on March 10 where he said Moscow would retaliate against foreign companies that had withdrawn from the country.

Stress readings were lower eight days later when Putin delivered a speech that talked of relieving residents of eastern Ukraine "of suffering, of this genocide" which Putin claims Kyiv is carrying out, Nikkei Asia reported.

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