Putins three disastrous mistakes in Ukraine set to end his rule – General

A former top Major General has outlined Vladimir Putin's three 'disastrous miscalculations' in Ukraine, which may not only lose Russia the war but also see the 'end of his rule'.

Taking to Twitter, former Australian Major General Mick Ryan explained exactly what has gone wrong for the Russian President, with the Armed Forces of Ukraine claiming today that more than 12,000 of his soldiers have been killed so far.

He argued that Putin's overconfident assumptions about Ukraine are at the heart of his problems.

Ryan said: "Putin's decision to go to war rested on three assumptions: that Ukraine was not a real nation; that the Ukrainian military could be quickly defeated; and, that the West would remain fragmented and not interfere with his invasion.

"Putin got all these assumptions wrong.

"His miscalculations have led to a conflict that is ruinous for the Ukrainians, and disastrous for the Russian military, as well as the reputation and economy of his nation."

Outlining what he thinks all this means for Putin on the home front, Ryan added: "And it could well also end his rule."

Conversely, Ryan was full of praise for Putin's Ukrainian counterpart, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who has received plaudits from Western leaders for his brave organisation of Ukraine's defence.

He said that Zelenskyy, as a former comedian who played a President on TV before being elected, was "underestimated" by world leaders and analysts at the start of the invasion.

He continued: "Since the invasion began, he has unified his people, exhorted courage from his military, and inspired observers globally.

"President Zelenskyy has shown poise, bravery and led those who need him most – his people.

"In many respects, he has carried the weight of Ukraine on his shoulders."

Earlier this week Zelenskyy received a standing ovation from UK MPs following his address to Parliament.

He was even described on US TV as "Churchill with a social media account".

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