Queens great legacy will be to have reunited her family, says Dianas butler

Her Majesty the Queen dedicated her life to public service for over 70 years, but in death, she did one last good turn for the Royal Family, a former butler has claimed.

Former royal butler Paul Burrell believes her funeral will heal the bitter rift between Prince William and Prince Harry.

Paul started working at Buckingham Palace at the age of 18, and after a lengthy period of working as the Queen’s personal footman he moved on to Kensington Palace where he worked exclusively for Princess Diana.

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After the princess’s untimely death, he wrote a book about his experiences in the royal household, although he claimed that there was one secret about Diana that he "would never reveal”.

Now, speaking to Closer magazine, Paul describes the Queen’s passing of the torch to her son King Charles III as “the end of an era”.

“Most of us will never again see a Queen on the throne, as Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince George in turn will lead the royal family.

“Queen Elizabeth was a one-off – her reign has just been incredible.

"If you had asked her what her legacy would be, she would have said leaving the family in fine form – she would have used that horse-racing analogy.”

But a large part of that fine form would be to bring the two warring brothers together, he thinks.

“I sincerely hope that can happen,” he said, “that Her Majesty’s greatest legacy will be to have reunited her family at this very emotionally difficult time and help them to work through their differences and forge some kind of path for the future.”

Whatever the future holds for Harry, a large inheritance is unlikely, according to Paul: “They are a very wealthy family and the Queen will leave a massive fortune in her will, along with the estates of Sandringham and Balmoral, which belong to her.

"All of that will be passed on the way the Queen wanted it passed on. I suspect Harry is going to miss out on his inheritance – I think something will be left to Harry, but it won’t be great.”

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