Rangers-mad glamour model leaves fans gutted as she’s banned from Tinder

A Rangers-mad glamour model has left her fans gutted after revealing she’s banned from Tinder.

Lana Wolf said she downloaded the dating app but was kicked off after just one night, before she had even spoken to any matches.

The adult star, who recently promised an X-rated celebration if her team wins the Scottish Premiership title, believes a user reported her profile as being “fake”.

She told her followers she had been banned during a question and answer session on Instagram.

Lana, one of Rangers’ biggest fans, said: “Honestly, I have got no clue.

“I went on, posted two pictures of me fully clothed, didn’t attach my Instagram or anything like that.

“But I reckon somebody’s reported me as a fake and they’ve just deleted me.”

One fan told her someone else had been posing as her on the app.

She replied: “No f****** way.

“I got Tinder like last week and then I had it for literally overnight.

“So I got it that night and then I went to sleep and then in the morning I went on it and it was gone.

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“Like, I hadn’t even had one conversation.

“So if you see me on Tinder now, it’s not me, definitely.”

She also claimed she had slept with a fan “quite a few times”.

Lana has vowed to celebrate in style if Steven Gerrard’s men beat Celtic to win their 55th national championship.

Rangers are currently top of the table and 18 points ahead of their Old Firm rivals.

She previously admitted she wanted to do “something crazy” to mark the moment.

And she offered a “free lifetime subscription to my OnlyFans page" in a bid to “keep up team spirits”.

The model told her fans: “I wanna do something crazy when we win the 55…

“Come on guys comment below some naughty, mischievous ideas for me.”

She added: “I can feel 55 coming, every day we are getting closer.

"I have been asked many times what my plans are when we win 55.

“One fan has suggested I run around George Square naked.

“I am still unsure what I will do but I promise it will be good. I have so many naughty ideas it's going to be hard to choose.

“Who knows, I might do them all."

She also urged followers to invite her to a title-winning party.

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