Real-life Spiderman scales side of burning block of flats to rescue trapped kid

A man has been dubbed a hero after scaling a burning building to save a mother and child who were trapped inside.

Vitaly Ivlev has been dubbed a "real-life Spiderman" after he shimmied up the side of the block of flats in Makhachkala, Russia, and took the toddler from his mother's arms before going back to rescue the woman.

"I came out of the building, and heard shouting – the woman was screaming 'help, help, help!'" Ivlev recalled.

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“The woman passed him out [of the window] to me. I took him with my other hand. I shouted to her: 'Don’t be afraid, I’ve got him, I’ve got him.'"

He then climbed back down the building and gave the child, thought to be a young boy, to gobsmacked bystanders before climbing back up again to save the woman from the flames as they enveloped the building.

The rescue was so speedy and Ivlev managed to help the pair before emergency fire services even arrived on the scene.

He said: "I started shouting to the woman: 'There’s a lot of smoke, I can't breathe. Faster, faster.'

"She did not lose heart and came down clinging on to me."

Ivlev has since received widespread praise for his heroism, including from Russian emergencies minister and former Vladimir Putin bodyguard Alexander Kurenkov, who vowed the rescuer would receive a bravery medal in recognition of his efforts.

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"People should know the real heroes of our time," Kurenkov said.

"Vitaly Ivlev demonstrated a quick and caring reaction when rescuing people in a fire.

"Certainly, this example of heroism and courage cannot go unnoticed."

It is thought the fire in Makhachkala, in the Republic of Dagestan in southwest Russia, began after multiple gas stoves in the building ignited due to a surge in pressure.

Ten apartments were set on fire during the blaze, according to local reports.

It is understood two people were injured as a result of the fires.

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