Ricky Hatton has psychiatrist on speed dial in case boxing champ suffers setback

Ricky Hatton keeps his psychiatrist “on speed dial” in case he suffers a mental health setback.

The former boxing champ said his mental health had dramatically suffered since retiring, and he tried to keep his battle a secret out of fear his fans would brand him a “nutter”.

He was convinced people would laugh at him in the street and went into hiding after his defeat to Floyd Mayweather in 2007.

The father of three, 41, eventually turned to a psychiatrist and pleaded for help.

Speaking on Ross Kemp’s podcast The Kempcast, he said: “I was suicidal, depressed, wanted to kill myself, tried to kill myself several times. And it was a real bad time.

“My frame of mind was going up and down and ultimately, when I fell out with my mum and dad, I didn’t care if I lived or died.

“I was still struggling with the drink and drugs and the depression and feeling down so I went to see a psychiatrist, who I still see to this day, if I need to.

“I mean I’ve not seen him for a couple of years now, that’s how well I’m doing, but I do know he’s on speed dial.”

Hatton has spoken candidly about his struggles with mental illness since retiring from boxing, which has previously led to drink and drug abuse.

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But in a brilliant clip posted on social media, the fighter-turned-trainer has shown he is still fit and firing in the gym.

“Done 1 n half stone in during lockdown. Noticed it today when had a blast on the bag,” Hatton wrote.

In the video, Hatton shows off the type of explosive power that led him to glory in his fighting days.

Fans were absolutely delighted to see him going through the gears, with one replying: “Still got them hands Ricky lad!”

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