Robber slips on ice while pulling gun in blunder like scene out of Home Alone

A robber who tried to pull his gun and subsequently slipped on a patch of ice has been likened to a "scene out of Home Alone".

Luis Sajbocho-Ordonez, 30, had attempted a robbery in the early hours of Christmas Day but was fended off by employees of a store he had attempted to rob.

Fighting back against the would-be robber, employees managed to push Sajbocho-Ordonez away, subsequently sending him slipping on the ice where he soon hit his head on the ground.

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The 30-year-old now faces charges of armed robbery and aggravated assault due to the botched robbery and subsequent slip down to the ground in Florida, United States.

The incident took place at around 1am on Christmas morning, with police likening the incident to a "scene out of Home Alone".

Would be robber Sajbocho-Ordonez had been hiding away in the bushes behind an unnamed business in Gainesville, Florida, and pulled a gun on an employee who had headed outside of the establishment.

A subsequent altercation between the gunman and the employee left the 30-year-old fighting against members of staff, who allege the robber fired a shot.

Said shot was said to have been fired in the hopes of spooking another worker who had exited the store.

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The 30-year-old is then said to have attempted to flee the scene, but slipped over on a frozen patch of ice, subsequently hitting his head.

His garish wound was showcased in the mugshot taken just hours after his icy blunder, although no "serious injuries" were reported.

Witnesses to his botched robbery were able to take two guns away from the robber, who was subsequently taken into custody by attending officers, New York Post reported.

Gainesville Police Department said: "Fortunately, no serious injuries occurred and the perp went to jail."

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