Ronnie Pickering antics in seven years since viral rant made him cult meme hero

Seven years on from a notorious rant that shot him to stardom, Ronnie Pickering has enjoyed the celebrity status associated with cult meme success.

An infamous road rage rant between Pickering and a moped driver sparked an infamous, hilarious tirade that saw the pair trade some rather tepid insults.

On September 21, 2015, Pickering was seen uttering the now legendary line: "Do you know who I am? I'm Ronnie Pickering."

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At the time, very few people knew who exactly Pickering was, but the video has since went viral and now the 59-year-old grandfather-of-five is known by hundreds of thousands of internet users.

Pickering, also known as "Road Rage Ronnie", has felt the success of internet stardom and life seemed to carry on as normal.

There was an occasion a few years back where Pickering assaulted a drug dealer selling outside of a friends house, which landed the internet legend in court, but there has been no lasting damage from the video itself.

Speaking to HullLive, Pickering said of the video: "To be honest, I was just spouting a lot of gobbledegook. I said things I wouldn’t normally say. I now wish I had never said all that but what can you do?"

The infamous video showcased Pickering saying: "Do you know who I am?" to a rather flummoxed driver, who responded with: "What?".

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Pickering, who says he "never made a penny" from the video, continued: "People have rows like that all the time but they are not always filmed. The guy wanted a reaction and he got one.

"I now see the funny side. It has become a comedy video really. There were unpleasant words had but there was no violence. It made a lot of people laugh.

"It has stayed with me but I do not revel in it. It is certainly not something to be proud of. You just have to get on with it. One day I was just me and the next everyone knew the name Ronnie Pickering.

"Some people still come up to be and say ‘do you know who I am?’ but I don’t mind and I have a laugh about it."

Another infamous moment for Pickering left the 59-year-old looking a bit displeased at a car that had crashed right into the table he was sat at outside of a pub.

A less-than-amused Pickering said of the incident: "It was an old woman or something. She must have slipped on the pedals or something. Bless her. If she had gone further up she’d have gone into the pub."

Pickering's road rage still delights internet users, with a Reddit thread as recently as two days ago questioning what Road Rage Ronnie was up to these days.

A post from user StonedWater read: "Has anybody ever found out who Ronnie Pickering is? I mean, is he a local hardman that all the people on the estate know not to mess with Ronnie Pickering. Is he a local celeb?"

One user replied that not even Ronnie Pickering knows, jokingly writing: "He seems angry and confused, like he just woke up from a coma with no memories, only a Tesco Clubcard with that name on it."

Another user joked of the legend of Pickering, saying it is a name that "you hear whispered in dark corners late at night, or drifting faintly on the breeze almost on the edge of hearing."

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