Rowntree Fruit Pastilles recipe changed after 139 years – because of vegans

Rowntree's has changed its 139-year-old Fruit Pastilles recipe to appease vegans.

Until now, the British classic – first launched in 1881 – included gelatine, an ingredient derived from collagen taken from animal body parts.

Bosses at the firm, owned by Nestlé, announced they will omit the substance following years of complaints by veggie campaigners.

Fans were warned the historic change will make the sweets “slightly softer” to chew.

The treat is being relaunched with the words “now vegan-friendly” prominently placed on packs.

Rowntree’s brand manager Meg Miller said: “We’ve had many requests from consumers over the years asking if we can make Fruit Pastilles vegetarian or vegan.

“We want the brand to be enjoyed by as many consumers as possible and so we are delighted to be able to introduce our new vegan-friendly recipe across the full range of sweets.”

Ms Miller claimed the new squishier pastilles were what consumers wanted, insisting softer confectionery “has been a market trend for a number of years”.

She added: “However, our priority was to preserve the fabulously fruity chew that has made Fruit Pastilles a classic for almost a century and a half.”

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Ms Miller said she hoped fans “will agree that we have succeeded in developing a recipe which is as deliciously chewy as it has ever been”.

Veggies hailed the move. One tweeted: “Huge props for doing this, I could never understand why in 2020 people are still making sweets with boiled bits of animals. I’ll definitely be buying some.”

The original recipe for the fruity mix of blackcurrant, lemon, strawberry, lime and orange chews was developed in York by brothers Henry and Joseph Rowntree, along with French confectioner August Claude Gaget.

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