Royal protocol revelation shows Meghan thought people would bend for her

A number of revelations about Meghan Markle in her and Prince Harry's Netflix docuseries suggest she thought "people would bend for her", according to a royal expert.

The first three episodes of Harry and Meghan's docuseries, titled Harry & Meghan, were released on the streaming platform today (Thursday, December 8).

In episode three, Meghan admitted to being unprepared for several things she experienced in the Royal Family.

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Discussing her first public appearance alongside Harry, she said: "I never saw pictures or videos of a walkabout – what's a walkabout?"

Later in the episode she said she "didn't know" it would be "taboo" to talk about the MeToo movement after some criticised her for breaking from royal protocol and wading into politics.

She also admitted that she didn't know the British national anthem and had to learn the words from Google.

Meghan wasn't completely oblivious to how things would be, though, as she added: "Joining this family, I knew there was a protocol for how things were done."

Kinsey Schofield, host of the To Di For Daily podcast, said that Meghan's admissions make it seem as if she was not "fully invested" in assimilating into royal life, perhaps thinking it would change to her tastes.

She told the Daily Star: "To repeatedly tell us that you weren’t aware of things like taboo subject matters that could hurt the royal brand, walkabouts, the national anthem, or protocol in general makes it seem like Meghan was not fully invested in the royal transition.

"It makes you wonder if she just thought she would show up and change things… or people would bend for her.

"She references the movie Princess Diaries and says there's no class or system on how to become a royal, but we've heard from respected friends of the family like Gyles Brandreth that the Queen offered Meghan both lovely Sophie [Wessex] and Lady Susan Hussey to help guide her through this new foreign system. Meghan rejected the idea."

However, another royal expert was more understanding of Meghan's early struggles with royal life given that she was not "used to those traditions".

"I think it was natural for Meghan, as an American, to not know some things going into the Royal Family," Brittani Barger told us.

"Walkabouts don't exist here. Freedom of speech is a huge right everyone takes seriously. Having to switch to being very careful what you say due to your position is an odd concept for an American."

Brittani doesn't think Meghan "didn’t take it seriously", adding that she was "prepared as much as she could be for her royal role".

She continued: "I think it was a huge adjustment and switch of cultures. She’s not the only American that has struggled to fit into a Royal Family. She’s the most well-known so it seems like she’s the only one."

Buckingham Palace told the Daily Star they would not be commenting on Harry and Meghan's docuseries.

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