Rubbish Christmas lunch like something from Oliver Twist served to students

A grammar school has been ridiculed for its Christmas lunch offering after serving hungry school children a sad looking plate of food.

Pictures of the “festive” food provided by Steyning Grammar School in West Sussex have been circling, which show terrible looking plates of food featuring a tiny piece of turkey and dry-looking stuffing in a bap, alongside a single pig in blanket and that festive favourite… a mini roll.

A mince pie was also on offer, and all it cost for those who wanted to eat it was £3.50.

Angry parents on Facebook slammed it as looking like “something from Oliver Twist".

And another said that their dog “eats better for half the price”, The Mirror reports.

Another school, part of the same multi-academy trust, the Bohunt Academy in Worthing served a similarly shocking meal, and offered an apology and a refund to those who paid for the meal, according to local reports.

Associate head teacher of Steyning Grammar School Natasha Nicol later apologised for the meal in a letter sent to parents.

She said: "As you might be aware, the Christmas lunch menu yesterday was not of the standard that we would want or expect at SGS.

“Due to a combination of unforeseen supply chain issues and Covid-related staffing shortages, our planned offer was affected at very short notice.

“I would like to unreservedly apologise for this situation."

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The Daily Star has reached out to several chefs to see what they would be able to create for £3.50.

Meanwhile, yesterday, on the theme of school meals, the provost of Dumfries called for vegan meal options to be added to school menus so that, she claims, more than 1,000 pupils do not miss out.

Tracey Little told a Dumfries and Galloway Council education committee meeting that she is “disappointed” every time she sees a school menu, because “we have poor and very limited vegetarian options – and no vegan options whatsoever”, the Daily Record reports.

She added: “Six per cent of Scots are vegan and 14 per cent are thinking about it within the next year.

“If you take that six percent, that’s more than 1,200 kids that can’t access school meals.

“Twenty per cent of Gen Z (the generation born between 1997 and 2012) are already on plant-based diets, with a further 26 per cent thinking about within the next year.

“Gen Z – that’s aged nine to 24 – that’s a lot of schoolkids.”

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