Russia could cause nuclear apocalypse with accidental launch ex-KGB agent says

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    Russia could trigger a nuclear apocalypse as a former KGB spy warns the risk is higher than ever.

    Sleeper agent Jack Barsky, who spent a decade spying on the US, issued the stark warning.

    The 73-year-old said the world is facing “dangerous times” as he likened today's situation to the Cold War.

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    During that time Barsky claimed the world came close to Armageddon on at least three occasions.

    But he added that the world now has the added complication of Russia ’s poorly maintained nuclear arsenal – fearing it could spark World War 3.

    According to The Sun, the situation between Russia and Ukraine has worsened dramatically in the last few days following the apparent drone strike on Wednesday.

    The flying object exploded in flames above the fortress in central Moscow, where the Kremlin has his office and apartment.

    Russia claimed the US was behind the attack and was intent on inflicting a "strategic defeat" on Russia.

    The publication added that a chilling nuclear warning was also issued by Putin's former Satan-2 hypersonic missile Dmitry Rogozin after the alleged assassination attempt on the Russian President.

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    He called for the Kremlin to unleash nuclear weapons on Ukraine in retaliation.

    He said: "We don't attack Putin or Moscow. We fight on our territory. We are defending our villages and cities”.

    Barsky told The Sun that Putin's invasion of Ukraine was his "biggest mistake" but disagreed with experts who have suggested Putin could be ousted.

    "[Putin] is not suicidal and all his threats about going nuclear are just bluster meant to intimidate," Barsky said.

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    "However, when tensions are high, the possibility of an accidental launch increases.

    "Also, I am concerned about the condition of the Russian nuclear arsenal which is quite old and may not have been maintained as well as necessary.

    "We indeed live in very dangerous times."

    He added: "[The Soviet Union] knew that the moment they launched only a single nuke in the direction of Nato they would all die.

    "However, there were three situations where misunderstandings or mistakes brought the world close to nuclear destruction."

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