Russia pundit loses it with claim US plotting to colonise Ukraine

Russian state TV pundit claims US wants to 'colonise' Ukraine

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Russian TV presenter and propagandist Araik Stepanyan said America “needs [Ukraine]” because the country is “very favourable for living in”. He added that America will then send part of its population to Ukraine and will give positions of authority to Ukrainian mercenaries who fought against Russia. The comments came as the latest updates revealed Ukraine has so far retaken control over more than 3,800 sq km of the Russian-occupied territory amid its counter-offensive campaign.

Speaking on Russia TV, Stepanyan said: “The Americans, not the Ukrainians, need Ukraine.

“The Americans need it because that territory is very favourable for living in.

“The Americans are hoping that after the war they’ll wipe out that whole passionary part of the Ukrainian nation and then they will colonise Ukraine”

He stressed: “They’ll colonise it and move there, like to Australia!

“Like they moved to Australia, all the Anglo-Saxons will move there.

“Everything there is already ready, the infrastructure will be ready.”

He concluded: “There will be administrators, the mercenaries who fought there will receive titles, like the Governor of Lutsk or Khmelnytskyi for example”.

The clip sparked reaction on the platform with users mocking the Russian presenter and his forecast.

Russian state TV pundit claims US wants to 'colonise' Ukraine

User @SedaO wrote: “Always wondered why there were stars on the Australian flag.”

Another user @Emaldrien reacted: “That was actually exactly what Russia intended to do.”

@Texerc said: “Digging very deep now to find a new propaganda angle. What’s next?”

User @bazf12 also commented: “They’re obsessed with mentioning America at any opportunity. Pitiful.”

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The forecast from the presenter came together with the latest updates from Ukraine’s ministry of defence which reveal that since the beginning of the Ukrainian counter-offensive on 6 September, Ukrainian forces have recaptured more than 300 settlements in the Kharkiv region.

Ukraine’s military of defence also revealed that, amid the ongoing Ukrainian attack, Russian intelligence offices and military commanders have now begun to evacuate from the Russian-occupied regions of Crimea and southern Ukraine and “urgently resettle their families” back into the Russian territory.

Moscow has admitted that its forces have moved out of some eastern areas, but refused to define the developments as a retreat following the Ukrainian counter-offensive campaign.

The Kremlin has described the latest troops deployments as a move to regroup its forces and on Monday it insisted that Russian would continue to fight “until all the goals that were originally set are achieved”.

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