Russia warning: Vladimir Putins nuclear subs run deep penetration missions in Atlantic

Royal Navy accused of 'antagonising' Russia by RT UK

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Tens of Moscow’s Borei-class nuclear subs have been plunging beyond 500 metres underwater in the Norwegian sea. It marks the latest military movement from Vladimir Putin, after the Russian President deployed three nuclear submarines to the Baltic Sea in a show of force to the UK in July.

The Borei-class nuclear subs are reported to be capable of carrying Russia’s latest missiles.

The new Zircon 3M22 hypersonic missiles, currently being tested by Russia, are believed to be able to cover 2.7km per second.

Normally Russian submarines would not go any deeper than 400 meters because at 900 metres these vessels could implode.

However, Mr Putin in July touted Russia’s hypersonic nuclear weapons at a Navy Day parade in St. Petersburg.

He said at the time: “Today the Russian navy has everything it needs to defend our homeland, our national interests.

“We can locate any enemy, whether they’re on, under or above the water. And if required, deal them an unavoidable strike.”

A source told the Mirror Russia’s submarines are carrying out deepwater operations to exert military influence.

They said: “The reason for these extreme depth missions has eluded most analysts but it could be simply to access the Atlantic with stealth.

“There has been an increase in Russian submarine activity of late, as there has with much of Moscow’s armed forces as it tests the resolve of NATO.

“Russia is keen to exert as much power and influence as possible around the globe, in particular for the Northern Fleet, which is integral for passage into the Atlantic.”

Military expert Bruce Jones also told The Sun “the mood of Russian defence has been alarming for months now”, with increasing deployments.

He added: “That is highlighted by the recent military build-up close to the Ukraine border.

“This latest move could be aimed at posturing up against NATO just to make countries feel nervous.

“But it certainly marks an escalation and now they appear to be turning their sights towards sub-surface missions.”

It comes after a Russian Oscar-II Class nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine was seen entering the Baltic Sea in July.

Two other nuclear-powered submarines were also identified in the waters with one thought to have nuclear missiles.

HI Sutton, a defence analyst said the manoeuvres had been intended as a show of force by the Russian government.

He told the Daily Telegraph: “Russia has been sending nuclear submarines to the naval parade in St Petersburg for several years, but this is the first time three submarines have been sent.

“They are the only nuclear submarines in the Baltic. These deployments act as a show of strength for both home and foreign audiences.

“Nato and unaligned Baltic States will likely keep a careful eye on this submarine.”

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