Russian hypersonic missile crashes despite Kremlin bragging its unstoppable

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A supposedly unstoppable Russian hypersonic missile has been stopped.

The “dagger” hypersonic missile was once touted by Russian military leaders as the crown jewel of its arsenal.

But new video has emerged of it lying in pieces on the ground in Stavropol Krai, northern Russia.

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The missile normally carriers nuclear weaponry, but didn't appear to do so at this stage.

Also known as the Kh-47M2, or Kinzhal, it is a hypersonic aero-ballistic air-to-surface missile with a range of more than 2,000km.

It also has onboard technology which allows it to evade anything used to try and destroy it – but that clearly failed on this occasion, although it was not clear exactly how it was downed.

A statement from the Ukrainian army said: “Unflyable weather today for hypersonic missiles.

“This is the place where the 'Kinzhal' missile fell. It was probably flying from the Caspian Sea to Ukraine.”

The missile apparently hit eight people – all Russians – including one child.

Nobody was killed in the strike, however in a rare move, a Russian official actually commented on the situation.

Vladimir Vladimirov, the governor of Stavropol Krai said: “There were eight victims in total.

“Of these, one person received minor abrasions and bruises – he received first aid at the Turkmen hospital and is now at home.

“Four people were sent to regional medical institutions, one of them is a child.

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“Three people are now in the Stavropol Regional Hospital, one of them is in serious condition, this is an EMERCOM officer who acted at the scene.

“He has numerous injuries, burns to his face and eyes, and two more people are in the ophthalmology department, with corneal injuries and small fragments, they are being operated on now.

“The child is in the children's regional hospital, and his condition is moderate, much easier than in adults.

“The child's eyes were also damaged.”

Official Russian news agency TASS claimed that the missile was an “unknown aircraft” which later turned into a “drone”.

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