Russian invasion of Ukraine at 3am tomorrow with missile and tank attack

A Russian attack ordered by Kremlin chiefs on Ukraine is expected to happen at 3am local time, American intelligence agencies believe.

Potential targets could be Kyiv's military and government command centres with a barrage of air strikes before tanks roll over the border.

At the same time, Russian warships could also storm Ukraine's southern coastline, with Foreign Secretary Liz Truss warning that a Russian invasion "would not stop at Ukraine".

Reports in The Mirror say all-out war between Russia and Ukraine could be just a few hours away, with last ditch diplomatic moves as a possible standing down of Moscow troops.

Senior sources said a Moscow attack would be "almost certainly from multiple points" over Ukraine's northern, eastern and southern flanks.

A senior American source speaking to The Mirror warned the team based in Kyiv with a one line message saying: "3am Wednesday."

The warning comes after Britain warned that a Russian invasion of Ukraine is highly likely and could be imminent, posing further strain on Europe's wider stability.

Russia currently has more than 126,000 troops massed near the eastern border of Ukraine, as well as 80,000 Moscow-loyal troops in Belarus, with thousands of marines on board warships in the Black Sea also.

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Russian political leaders have denied Western accusations that it is planning to invade Ukraine, but say it may take "military-technical" action unless a range of demands are met.

The demands include Kyiv be banned form ever joining the NATO alliance, and despite a warning from America, war between Russia and Ukraine looks likely.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and President Joe Biden both agreed that there was a crucial window for diplomacy, but British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said that invasion could be imminent and troops could reach the Ukranian capital "very, very quickly".

She said: "This is about the wider stability of Europe. And it's about wider global stability and the message that we give to aggressors and we have to give the message to Vladimir Putin that there can be no reward for aggression."

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