Russian military seen on Italy’s streets after Putin sends supplies and medics

Dozens of Russian military vehicles have been deployed to Italy in the latest aid to help the country battle against coronavirus.

Videos emerged on Twitter showing the distinctive Kamaz trucks, which can be identified with the black military licence plates, storming into Italy's worst affected city of Bergamo on Tuesday early afternoon.

One video shows the vehicles en route to the northern region under the escort by Italian police.

The trucks are loaded with medical supplies including masks, ventilators, protective suits and testing kits.

The special task includes deploying military virologists and epidemiologists and sending other necessary equipment to the country, the Russian Defence Ministry said, according to state-owned media Tass.

They added: "On the outcomes of the consultations, it was decided that Russian military experts experienced in combating epidemics caused by dangerous infectious diseases all over the world would begin their work from Italy’s Bergamo.

"Currently, military officers are approving the 600km route, preparing the equipment for the move."

The decision came after Italian premier Giuseppe Conte spoke to Russia's president Vladimir Putin of the coronavirus situation in the country.

Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio was present to welcome the first of the planes, each of which is reportedly marked with a logo saying "From Russia with Love".

He said: "We will always be grateful to the Russian Federation for the friendship and solidarity it has shown us."

The Russian ministry said the specialists have previously taken part in fighting outbreaks of African swine fever and developing vaccines against Ebola and the plague.

Viewers shared the videos as they praised Russia for helping during the outbreak as one said: "Russian military trucks driving through Italy with humanitarian aid. When else could you see something like that?"

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