Russian soldiers naked livestream after stealing Ukrainian CCTV cam

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    A Russian soldier nicked a CCTV camera off the street and set it up in his home in Siberia – inadvertently meaning he was live-streaming his every move back to Ukraine.

    The owner of the camera has full access to his everyday antics, which reportedly include wandering around naked – and a gang of die-hard Ukrainian fans has allegedly become invested in his life.

    A Ukrainian diplomat tweeted images of the footage, commenting: "A Russian soldier stole a CCTV street camera in Ukraine. And installed it in his home for some reason.

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    "Now a group of enthusiasts in Ukraine enjoys a 24/7 direct stream from some weird home in Siberia."

    One Twitter user commented: "Siberian Kardashian", while on the same theme another added: "Keeping up with The Siberians."

    Images taken from the CCTV footage, inside his home in the town of Buryatia, show the man walking around in blue briefs and looking into the camera.

    A Ukrainian social media personality shared the images to his Instagram story, captioning one: "So my friends now have their own HOUSE."

    In another, he called the man: "Big orc [a Ukrainian derogatory term for Russian invaders], the last Buryat."

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    The story has also made its way onto Facebook, where users of the social media site had all kinds of reactions to the bizarre phenomenon.

    “Ah… now it’s fashionable,” one prodded.

    “Americans put online cameras in wildlife sanctuaries or zoos. You can watch online how monkeys or pigs behave.”

    The CCTV debacle has brought some light relief as the war in Ukraine continues.

    On Monday (October 10) the Kremlin launched a military strike against numerous major cities in Ukraine including the capital of Kyiv, killing at least 11 people and destroying crucial infrastructure, causing power outages.

    President Vladimir Putin said the brutal strikes came in response to an attack on a bridge that linked Russia and Crimea last week.

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    The Russian leader said even more “severe retaliation” would come if Ukraine attacked more Russian infrastructure.

    In a televised address to his security council, the Russian despot said: “Let there be no doubt.

    "If attempts at terrorist attacks continue, the response from Russia will be severe."


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