Russian troops bullied and shot at by rebels and beaten up military police

Russian troops have claimed that they are being bullied by Ukrainian rebels and “beaten up” by military police.

A group of disgruntled Russian soldiers believed to be from Tyva, Russia, have shared their displeasure at their treatment at the hands of both local rebels and Russian authorities.

In a video first posted to Twitter by Estonian war monitor @wartranslated, a group of around 20 hooded men stand in front of a snowy forest to make their complaint.

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“On 29 September, we were mobilised,” their spokesperson said. “From October 1 we went through three-month military training in Novosibirsk.

“We were not trained and not prepared for combat on the frontline. We were told we would be a commandant battalion.

“We only went to training grounds two to three times. From December 2, we were in Donetsk.”

But, despite their lack of training and experience, they explained how some of the troops were “at the frontline".

The spokesperson added: “At, first, we were told we belong to the 39th battalion in Novosibirsk.

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"Military ID mentions 119th Regiment, 95380, with no official seal. Battalion commander is Lt Colonel Stepanov Eveniy Aleksandrovich.”

Despite this, the men were unconvinced that proper military power structures were in play.

“Here in DPR (Donetsk People's Republic), we have no command. Our wounded comrades reached out to the hospital.

“Turns out we don’t belong to any military unit. We are not refuseniks.”

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After realising they weren’t in the roles they thought they were in, things went from bad to worse for the troops.

“On February 4, the military from DPR arrived, shot at us from assault rifles, forced us to do push-ups, told us we won’t get out of here alive.

“They said we belong to the DPR. The majority of us are on the very front line.”

Then, things got worse for the men yet again.

“The military police arrived and beat us up. We are not considered Russian armed forces, so we ask you.”


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