Russian troops told to ‘use tampons to staunch bullet wounds’

Russian conscripts are told there is no first aid kit

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Mobilised Russian troops have been told tampons and “pads are mandatory” for treating wounds due to low supplies. Vladimir Putin last week ordered the immediate mobilisation of 300,000 reservists in Ukraine.

This was Russia’s first mobilisation since the Second World War.

The West was quick to brand it as an admission of failure in Moscow’s “special military operation”.

UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said: “No amount of threats and propaganda can hide the fact that Ukraine is winning this war, the international community are united and Russia is becoming a global pariah.”

Whatever prompted the announcement, other officials have argued the mobilisation could result in Russia performing less effectively on the battlefield.

Patrick Sensburg, President of the German Reservists Association, told Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland: “Sending such poorly-prepared soldiers into a war is inhumane and will be a disaster for Russia militarily.”

He added the partial mobilisation could “even weaken rather than strengthen the Russian troops”.

Video footage shared online has since suggested that these reservists are, in fact, poorly equipped.

A clip shared by Daily Beast columnist Julia Davis shows a woman identified as a military doctor apparently speaking to new recruits.

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After listing essential equipment, the woman says: “You’ll have to bring all that yourself, boys!

“The uniform is all that’s provided by the army, but the armour and all that’s military-related, we don’t have any of that.

“We had to make the kit for our men by ourselves.”

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The doctor goes on to offer advice for preparing for battlefield injuries: “Get your girlfriends and wives to get sanitary pads – the cheapest pads, plus the cheapest tampons.”

When asked if they know what tampons are used for, one soldier suggested: “To stop the bleeding?”

The recruitment instructor in the video clarifies these items should be taken to the Ukraine to help deal with bullet wounds.

She said: “Shove it right into the bullet wound and the tampon expands and applies pressure to the wounds.”

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