Russian whistleblower warns Vladimir Putins invasion of Ukraine will be a total failure

Ukraine: Xi Jinping 'feels misled' over Russian invasion

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Spies in the Kremlin’s FSB group, which came out of the embers of the Soviet KGB, were kept in the dark about Vladimir Putin’s plan to invade Ukraine, a whistleblower has claimed. A report, which is thought to be from an analyst in the FSB, has warned the total number of Russians killed could have exceeded 10,000.

Despite the report, the Russian defence ministry in Moscow has only acknowledged the deaths of some 498 soldiers in Ukraine.

The Times has claimed the whistleblower also said no one in the Kremlin knows the death toll because they “have lost contact with major divisions”.

Officers in the FSB had been ordered to assess the impact of sanctions from the West.

They wrote: “You have to write the analysis in a way that makes Russia the victor… otherwise you get questioned for not doing good work.

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“Suddenly it happens and everything comes down to your completely groundless analysis.

“[We are] acting intuitively, on emotion… our stakes will have to be raised ever higher with the hope that suddenly something might come through for us.

“By and large, though, Russia has no way out. There are no options for a possible victory, only defeat.”

The letter also claimed Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov was on the cusp of causing outright conflict with the Russians after Ukrainian forces foiled a plot to kill President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The report went on to suggest Russia would need over 500,000 people to occupy Ukraine.

A “provisional deadline” of June has been set by the Kremlin due to fears the Russian economy could collapse, according to the 2,000-word report.

The document was published by Russian human rights activist Vladimir Osechkin, who runs the anti-corruption website

The UK’s Ministry of Defence has issued an update about events in Ukraine.

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It said: “Russian forces probably made minimal ground advances over the weekend.

“It is highly unlikely that Russia has successfully achieved its planned objectives to date.

“Over the past 24 hours, a high level of Russian air and artillery strikes have continued to hit military and civilian sites in Ukrainian cities.

“Recent strikes have targeted Kharkiv, Mykolaiv and Chernihiv, and been particularly heavy in Mariupol.”

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