Russians had not had that previously Putins new army commander key to turn tide of war

Russia: Retired General on ‘The Butcher of Syria’

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In light of Vladimir Putin’s appointment of the new commander Aleksandr Dvornikov, known as “the Butcher of Syria”, at the head of the next steps of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Major General James “Spider” Marks claimed their strategy is likely to change. Major General Marks said the new commander will be able to centralise Russian activities as “he has overall command control, and can give directions in terms of what supporting activities are necessary for Russia”.

Speaking with CNN, Major General Marks said: “[The new commander] has overall command control.

“Not only in the south-east region, but he can give directives in terms of what other supporting activities are necessary to support him.

“The Russians had never had that previously.” 

Dvornikov is believed to have been appointed last week, at the height of the retreat of Russian troops from the Kyiv region.

The claims follow a series of GPS images that are now showing an 8-mile long Russian convoy of tanks, artilleries, and support vehicles coming near Kharkiv.

According to the Major General, the line, similar to that detected weeks ago in the direction of the capital Kyiv, indicates that the Russians have departed from Kyiv and are now moving south-east.

Referring to the new convoy approaching the south-east region of Ukraine and Putin’s new invasion plan in south-east Ukraine, Marks claimed: “The important thing now is that we have the intelligence to this.

“The Ukrainians can see this. The Ukrainians have this information.

“This becomes very targetable [for Ukraine]”, added the Major General referring to the Russian convoy moving southeast.”

He also claimed: “[Through GPS images] you can bring precision fire on each one of these targets.

“The Ukrainians were very successful a week and a half ago going after that oil depot in Russia just across the border.”

The Major General referred to the oil depot in the Russian city of Belgorod that Ukraine attacked a week and a half ago.


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“Those kinds of deep strikes need to be repeated and Ukrainians have the capacity to do that”, added Mr Marks.

The Major General also claimed: “This takes a lot of planning, but you can capabilities in and go after those and disrupt that supply line which can influence the fight is now increasing in the southeast of Ukraine”.

In light of Putin’s new invasion plan, which saw Russian troops leaving Kyiv and regrouping in the southeast of Ukraine and the allegations that seem to confirm Russia’s use of chemical weapons in Mariupol, President Zelensky openly warned of a “new stage of terror” for Ukraine.

Ukrainian officials have claimed Russi deployed biological weapons on the sieged eastern town but the allegations have not yet been verified.

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