Schools locked down by police after reports of ‘gunman on the loose’

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Schools have been sent into lockdown after reports of a "gunman on the loose."

Cops scrambled to Newcomb, Australia after reports of an armed man, forcing multiple schools to shut down, reports

Earlier reports suggested police launched a manhunt – however it has now been deemed a false alarm.

The incident took place on Thursday, when Christ the King Catholic School told parents there had been a "serious, ongoing incident close to the school."

In a statement posted by the school at the time it read: "The man involved has not been caught and there are concerns that he may be carrying a firearm.

"So I am suggesting that you put off on bringing your child to school, as this will assist police as well, with less traffic around the area.

"We ask all persons to stay indoors and avoid the area."

Sergeant Madeline Gillard also issued a statement regarding the actions of the police.

  • Gunman spotted running down street with firearm near school 'shouting threats'

She said: "Police are responding to an incident in Helms Road, Newcomb.

“The public can be reassured there is no risk to the community and residents can go about their business as usual.”

According to local reports, a police helicopter was spotted in the area.

Emergency services were called to the area at around 8am.

Panicked parents took to social media after police vehicles were spotted.

At around 9:30am, police announced the public was no longer at risk and the incident had been cleared.

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