Scuffle erupts as woman refuses to wear hijab after being spotted by police

A brawl has erupted on a bus when a woman was caught failing to wear a hijab while taking public transport in Iran.

The passenger was allegedly spotted by an undercover morality agent, who called her out among the crowd and threatened to turn her into the police.

In the video shared on Twitter, the woman in question is seen without wearing a hijab, showing her blonde and brunette locks in public.

A woman wearing a black hijab starts arguing with other female passengers, saying: "I have to turn her in to the morality police."

Other women step in to defend the woman and shout: "This is not right."

They push the undercover agent away from the woman, telling her to "get lost" and "give up".

Eventually the agent is forced to get off the bus.

Wearing a hijab has been compulsory for women in Iran since the Islamic revolution in 1979, a rule which is enforced by the state's morality police.

Masih Alinejad , who tweeted the video, wrote: "Today, a morality police assaulted a women on the bus and wanted to arrest her because her hair was not covered. Other women stopped her.

"This is a daily struggle for Iranian women. Last year Islamic Republic hired 7000 under cover morality police in Tehran."

Elsewhere in Afghanistan, women were posting photos of themselves in real Afghan dresses as a protest against the face-covering burqas that have been made compulsory by the Taliban.

Afghan-born make-up artist Marjan Yahia, 28, now lives in Canada and can freely post images of herself wearing the clothes and makeup of her choice without fear of the Taliban’s heavy-handed "morality police".

“This is traditional Afghan clothes, ones that I wear proudly, that I have the ability to wear peacefully here while the women in my home of Afghanistan are forced to cover themselves,” Marjan wrote.

“I stand for the women of Afghanistan, that have, and continue to suffer at the hands of the Taliban.”

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