SeaWorld responds to misleading footage showing killer whales in violent scrap

SeaWorld has responded to footage showing two of their killer whales turning on each other.

The video was captured by a visitor to the park in San Diego, US and shared on social media by animal right's group PETA.

In it, two orcas can be seen thrashing about in the water. A young child can be heard saying: "How is the orca still alive?

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"I thought they help each other, not fight each other."

At one point, one of the orcas appears to beach itself. A witness told PETA that the beached orca was being ganged up on by others after the clip ended.

They said: "We all immediately saw blood soaking the water, which triggered my nine-year-old daughter to start crying.

"We would see bite marks and fresh wounds all over the side of the whale. Every couple seconds, two [or] more orcas would jump out of the water to [continue] attacking the hurt orca."

A SeaWorld spokesperson told the Daily Star: "The video released by PETA is misleading and mischaracterized.

"In fact, it shows common orca behaviours exhibited by both wild populations and those in human care as part of natural social interactions.

"During the interaction, one of the orcas sustained some minor and superficial abrasions that pose no serious health risk. Numerous scientific papers have been published about these behaviours among wild orcas.

"The papers include documented physical evidence in orcas that resulted from these same types of interactions in the open ocean."

PETA has since confirmed it has filed a complaint about SeaWorld to the US Department of Agriculture.

This comes after an orca at the park allegedly died from an infection after being held in a tiny tank and bullied by other killer whales for 20 years, according to PETA.

Nakai died last Thursday (August 5) despite the efforts of vets at SeaWorld.

The SeaWorld spokesperson also told us that Nakai wasn't the orca filmed in the fight with another, despite speculation to the contrary.

"Nakai is not in the video, he passed away before that video was taken," they said.

SeaWorld has claimed Nakai died after coming into contact with a portion of the pool.

PETA's Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman said: "In two days, one orca has died and another has been attacked by other frustrated, closely confined orcas, resulting in a serious injury.

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"And young children were witnesses to the carnage."

A press release from PETA read: "Marine parks condemn orcas to miserable conditions—small, barren tanks that don’t allow them to swim at high speeds or dive great depths as they would in their natural habitats—causing them extreme stress and frustration.

"On top of that, it’s not uncommon for incompatible animals to be housed together in these tiny tanks, where they have nowhere to escape conflicts with other frustrated or aggressive animals."


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