Second woman killed by shark after first lost an arm and leg in fatal attack

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A second woman was killed in the brutal shark attack that left an Austrian tourist dead yesterday, reports say.

The deadly incident unfolded just 650 feet away from the beast's previous assault that saw an "arm and leg" ripped off.

A Romanian tourist in her late forties is thought to be the latest victim off the coast of popular tourist hotspot Sahl Hasheesh in Egypt.

Eyewitnesses said her dead body was dragged out of the sea after being found on a reef.

Officials at the Egyptian Ministry of Environment have set up a committee to work out if there is any scientific reason behind the two recent attacks as fear sweeps through the popular resort.

Governor of the Red Sea Governorate, Major General Amr Hanafi, has also released a dramatic order demanding all activity in the area around the attacks is stopped immediately.

The first attack saw the victim tell her partner she would just go "back in for a moment" before she was savaged by the big fish.

A video showed horrified onlookers watch as the seawater turned red with blood.

Hundreds of traumatised holidaymakers saw the shark maul the woman, who had been snorkelling and wearing flippers at the time.

She was raced to the private Nile Hospital in Hurghada, an Egyptian health official said, but was barely alive when she arrived.

One witness recalled: “People are rushing out of the sea. There's no ambulance, there's no-one helping her. She's got no arm – up to her elbow.

“The shark grabbed her and twisted her around.”

Reports indicate the deadly shark is a mako shark, a species that can swim up to a whopping 46mph.

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