Selfless dad gives jeans to shivering rough sleeper in amazing act of kindness

A selfless father took off his jeans and gave them to a homeless man who was shivering outside a petrol station.

Johny Hindle was worried about the rough sleeper who was wearing shorts in the cold outside a filling station in Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester.

He took his trousers off "without thinking" and insisted the man called Vinnie kept them, the Manchester Evening News reports.

His fiancée Courrie Webster said she is incredibly proud of him, adding he is a 'role model' for their young children.

She said: "We had just been Christmas shopping and we had been speaking on the way to the petrol station about how freezing it was and how we couldn't wait to get home and get warm.

"Then we saw a man sat on the step outside the petrol station with his dog.

"At first we thought he was just sat there until we saw the petrol station worker come out and give him some food and a drink.

"When I mentioned what I saw to Johny, we decided to give him some money so he could buy some hot food to keep warm.

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"It was only when Johny got speaking to him he told him that a woman had taken his pants home to wash for him and was bringing them back tomorrow so he had a clean pair.

"Then Johny, without hesitation, took his own jeans off and gave him his pants.

"He said he can’t stay outside in that weather with no pants. Luckily Johny, since I’ve known him, has always worn shorts under his pants and I’d never understood why. I'm now seeing why, as one day this was supposed to happen."

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The act of kindness was witnessed by passerby Becky Haigh.

She said: "It was so lovely, I just went to fill up at the petrol station. I saw (Vinnie) sat there with his dog.

"I saw someone give him something. When I came out I saw the man taking his jeans off, he gave them to (the homeless man). He had shorts on underneath.

"My little girl was crying, she was so overwhelmed by the kindness of it all. I have never seen anyone do anything so kind, that took it to a whole new level."

Courrie added Vinnie said he would have to rehome his dog as he was unable to access accommodation with a pet.

She added: "It broke our hearts as we can imagine this is his only companion whilst on the streets. Me and my eldest Lola were welling up, we were unbelievably proud of what we had just seen (Johny) do – especially Lola. She was amazed.

"I am extremely proud of him and the selfless act he’s done. He made sure someone was that little bit warmer on a freezing cold night. I’m proud he’s the dad to our son and such a role model to the four girls we share."

The family got back into the car and decided to pick up some clothes from home to give to the homeless man.

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